HEX only, (english version). Re-issue 2 från Augusti 2008

Syd publicerar nu ett antal texter som har skrivits långt tidigare efter att ha funnit ett gammalt USB, just nu kör

vi reseminnen.

Augusti 2008;

I took the train to Paddington station from Heathrow this midweek day. As you all know by now Syd do documentary´s about train and close-to-train-Life.

It only takes 15 minutes to reach Paddington and when I left the train I saw two officers/service staff from Heathrow Express on the platform. One Indian guy and a girl (woman) who turned out to be Martina.

She start me talkin´ (this reminds me of the Paul Kelly song; “Don´t start me talking – cause I never stop). I told Martina that I would like to take a photo of “you two officers” and that I have a “blogg”. I asked if the publicity would be OK and gave her the www

So this (English version) is for you Martina and your collegue of course. Hope you could read my notes (for some reason people find it sometimes difficult – hard do understand). Anyway!

Nice to meet you, Syd is my name! (This reminds of a song by Rolling Stones ….). Then I took off for my meeting close to Paddington.

I had my meeting and then I took off (many “off” it is) to the Emirates Stadium for Arsenal-FC Twente.

SOLD OUT! I couldn´t believe my eyes. The Gunners are 2-0 up and it´s sold out. I ask a staff member of tickets on the “Black Market” when a very nice Arsenal fan show up and asked me if I was looking for a ticket. Yes! I´am! He was a season-ticket holder and his friend couldn´t make it this night. I became Mr Whitelaw and now we have agreed that I can contact him for Arsenal tickets, what about that my friends?  Syd is your link now to the Emirates Stadium.

You just call (Which reminds of a Steve Wonder song; “I just call,,,)  here is the number:-+44

 ….no, no you call Syd. God offers!

 And I agreed to have a new ring signal on my mobile. "Arsenal! Come on!"

(Please forgive me Hammers and The Blues, this is only for a few minutes…)


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